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**Announcement in regards to the upcoming litter for FALL 2024**

With the difficulties I experienced in finding homes for the Spring 2023 litter, I have made the decision to not allow the option of a payment plan after the pups have reached 4 weeks of age.

With that being said, I will also be accepting deposits sooner than usual for the 2024 litter.

I normally do not accept deposits until my pups are on the ground but with the trouble I had with this litter, I have decided to accept deposits early from families who are fully committed to getting a puppy from us, starting with the families on our waiting list.

Otherwise, I will accept deposits once I have a confirmed pregnancy.

If you are currently on our waiting list for the Fall 2024 litter and desire to place a deposit early to ensure a pup from us or…

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Our baby Chief‘s first visit to the beach. Middle Georgia Saints 2022 litter.

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