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Like best: Erica has been a treasure in our journey with Chief. We adopted Chief in 2022 when he was 8 weeks old. Typically, once a pup is adopted the breeder has little to no contact. Erica is amazing! She created a puppy page for all adoptive saint parents to post pictures and discuss our experiences as our fur babies were growing. We have a saint family with Middle Georgia Saints and we have watched as the litter has grown up with their own families. I have two other pure breed dogs and once I adopted them the breeder had no interest in the pups lives. Erica is truly different, she wants to watch them grow and support the new pup parents. I was so happy with our saint pup Chief and the love Erica shows to her saint families that I am adopting a pup from the newest litter. I highly recommend Middle Georgia Saints if you are looking to grow your fur family. You will bring an amazing puppy home and have a forever saint family.

Would recommend: Yes

Charity Prosser

Like best: Erica is so sweet and her Bernards put out some absolutely beautiful puppies. No matter how old the puppies get Erica is there to help you or answer any questions you may have

Would recommend: Yes

Chylia Garrett

Like best: We got our Pepper from the December 2021 litter and just got our Zelda from the April 2023 litter. We love them so much and they are cutest and sweetest dogs. We have a 3 month old and they are both so gentle with him. Erica is the best and makes sure the puppies health and safety is a priority. We appreciate her so much for the members of our family she has entrusted us with.

Would recommend: Yes

Emily Rose

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